Congrats to Century Partners: TechTown’s Entrepreneur of the Year!

A huge congratulations to Fitzgerald Revitalization Initiative developer, Century Partners, who has been selected as Entrepreneur of the Year for TechTown’s second annual Salute Awards! Century Partners, along with The Platform development group, will rehab 115 homes in Fitzgerald and revitalize 192 vacant lots.

With a mission to facilitate holistic revitalization through sustainable residential housing development that embraces grass roots community outreach and the power of creative place-making, Century Partners is supporting Detroit’s revitalization efforts using a community based approach. Partners David Alade, Andrew Colom, and Kimberly Dowdell will be recognized this Thursday, October 12, 2017 at the Salute awards ceremony at the Toast of the Town.

For more information on Thursday’s event, please visit the Toast of the Town.

To ready more about Century Partners and their housing rehabilitation and neighborhood revitalization efforts, please visit Century Partners’ website.

FitzForward’s final community presentation (submitted by Century Partners and The Platform) for the Fitzgerald Revitalization Initiative can be found on the Finalists page.