Community Presentation October 4th – 6pm at Bethune Academy

The City of Detroit will host a community presentation on Tuesday, October 4th at 6pm at the Bethune Fitzgerald Academy, 8145 Puritan Avenue, Detroit, MI. The event is an opportunity to share more about the Fitzgerald Request For Proposals (RFP) process for Housing Rehabilitation and Landscape Development in the neighborhood and will include a public presentation of projects from the top teams who submitted proposals to the city. Come meet the teams (listed below) and ask questions as part of the selection process. The presentation will include a panel and dialogue.

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(Listed in alphabetical order)

Team Name: Bridges to Home Ownership

  • Keith Stallworth, Black Caucus Foundation
  • Al Bogden
  • Andrew Munro
  • Chris Aldridge
  • John Jackson

Team Name: The Develop Detroit Team

  • Develop Detroit, Inc
  • Tourmalet Advisors
  • The Greening of Detroit
  • Southwest Solutions

Team Name: Fisheye Farms

  • Andy Chae
  • Amy Eckert

Team Name: Fitz Forward, LLC

  • David Alade
  • Andrew Colom
  • Peter Cummings
  • Dietrich Knoer
  • Mike Hammon
  • Mikyoung Kim
  • V. Mitch McEwen
  • Chase Cantrell
  • Gerald Harris
  • Carla Walker-Miller
  • Ron Reynolds
  • Jeremy Haines
  • Harold Redmond
  • Everard Findlay

Team Name: Fitzgerald Farms

  • Aaron Smith
  • Brent Smith
  • Charles Wilson IV


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