Fitzgerald Community Farms

The Motor City Grounds Crew

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Contact Information:

Aaron Smith,

Team Members and Partners:

Aaron Smith, Brent Smith, and Charles Wilson IV

Proposal Highlights

  • Proposal includes development and maintenance of all vacant lots
  • Proposed a diversity of sustainable, agriculture-based business ideas including specialty vegetable production (hoop houses, crops), ornamental and edible landscape plants, and cut flower farming
  • Focused on hyper-local business-to-business sales and access to healthy food for area residents
  • Supports small business development and workforce training, including featuring a 3-year job-to-ownership Agribusiness Apprenticeship Program
  • Proposal includes community green space design, maintenance, and programming
  • Sustainable community-based business that provides living wages and equity ownership to apprentice farmers and market rates of return to investors

Workforce Opportunities

Local hiring: 5 full-time staff members, 12 full-time agribusiness apprentices, 2 part-time landscapers

Proposed Project Size

  • Vacant lots: 257 (proposed to purchase)
  • Total development cost: $3,364,550
  • Annual maintenance cost: $1,200,000
  • Proposed funding sources: loan, grants, and sales revenue