Fitz Forward

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Contact Information:

David Alade,

Team Members and Partners:

David Alade, Andrew Colom, Peter Cummings, and Dietrich Knoer

  • Mikyoung Kim Design
  • McEwen Studio
  • Reclaim Detroit
  • Green Collar Food
  • Paster Gerald Harris, Evangelical House of God
  • Chase Cantrell, Building Community Value

Proposal Highlights

  • Support the neighborhood by developing mix of rental and for-sale market-rate, affordable senior, and student housing; 19 homes to be offered for sale initially, with additional homes to follow.
  • Goal to create an attractive, interconnected, and safe community, prioritizing neighborhood safety, patrols, internet capacity
  • Experience with neighborhood redevelopment and community outreach in the North End in Detroit
  • Architectural strategy includes a “kit of parts” approach to incorporate deconstruction into the demolition process, allowing materials to be re-purposed rather than discarded
  • Creation of a Home Owner Association, door-to-door outreach, community investment models, good neighbor awards, farmer’s market, community kitchen, food trucks, art, walking and biking paths
  • Home rehabilitation complete by fall 2018

Workforce Opportunities

Local hiring: Propose to hire teams of Detroit-based contractors for rehabilitation of structures; workforce training opportunities through Reclaim Detroit and Green Collar Foods

Proposed Project Size

  • Vacant lots: 311 (propose conversion to productive landscapes)
  • Number of houses rehabbed: 99
  • Number of houses demolished: 16
  • Total development cost: $7,475,060
  • Proposed funding sources: equity, loan, grants, and public subsidy