Fisheye Farms

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Contact Information:
Andy Chae & Amy Eckert,

Team Members:

Andy Chae, Amy Eckert

Proposal Highlights

  • Concentrated proposal on 17 lots on Monica and Prairie
  • Promotes local food production (with farm space, hoop houses, and an orchard) to provide healthy, fresh produce to neighborhood residents and local restaurants, neighborhood farmers market
  • Sustainable farming practices, no conventional herbicides or pesticides, desire to become USDA certified Organic
  • Community supported agriculture model where customers pay for a subscription at the beginning of the year and receive produce from the farm each week, affordable prices for neighbors
  • Create community space that could hose music, art shows, community meetings, dinners, community bulletin board
  • Experience with existing farms in Pontiac and Detroit
  • Possible future urban farming incubator program
  • Team proposes to move to the neighborhood and live on the farm site, rehabilitation of two houses to provide employee living spaces and farm business operations space

Workforce Opportunities

Local hiring: 2-3 long term employees, with housing opportunity

Project Size

  • Vacant lots: 17 (proposed to lease with possible future purchase)
  • Structures: 2
  • Total development cost: $96,950
  • Annual maintenance cost: $6,000
  • Proposed funding sources: equity, loan, grants, and sales revenue,